Meet the Ranch Wagon. A 2003 Ford Expedition designed with the nostalgic lure of the '60s Ford station wagons and the flair of the new century's boundless energy. But make no mistake, the Ranch Wagon is significantly more than a retro comfort trip back to Mayberry. Created by the award winning design team at Performance West Group, The Expedition Ranch Wagon is a wolf in distinctly haute couture clothing, geared up to fly on past Mayberry and discover America.
Throughout the 20th century, Ford was known as the Wagon Master of the auto industry, and manufactured the hottest selling station wagons on the market in an era when that vehicle was the Sport Utility Vehicle and Minivan rolled into one solid, high-powered, must-have vehicle. The Expedition Ranch Wagon combines the best of Ford heritage with the most innovative, luxurious and powerful aftermarket products of the 21st century. As comforting as a cruise down Main Street USA and as riveting as the drive to the top of Pikes Peak, the Ranch Wagon is fully equipped for a coast to coast road trip, punctuated by stops for exploration.
Classically inspired trim by 3M is only the beginning of the exterior highlights the Ranch Wagon, because this Woody crouches low to the ground, ready to pounce with Intrax custom springs, 24-inch Oasis "Ludacris" Alloy Wheels and BFGoodrich ultra high performance tires. The interior wraps you in soft, supple TriTone leather from Katzkin, and challenges your senses with a megawatt audio sound system. And unlike those romantic days of yore, on this road trip, passengers in the Ranch Wagon don't have to count cows; they can indulge in latest movies and computer games, complements of a Clarion high-definition DVD video entertainment center.
But wait, there's more! The Expedition Ranch Wagon not only has the awe-inspiring look of a classic woody on steroids, it backs up the image with unbridled supercharged power. Featuring a massive 2.2 liter Kenne Bell Blowzilla Supercharger, the Triton 5.4 liter V8 in the Ranch Wagon produces an amazing 386 horsepower, with over 410 lbs. ft. of torque, and is ready, willing and able to devour the highways and byways of the United States without even working up a sweat.
The Ranch Wagon is ready to take you on the long and winding road of life with the sense of safety and comfort that Ford station wagons once evoked; but it takes you there faster, sharper and sleeker than they ever imagined in the '60s.