Dateline: 1962 – the amazing Ala Kart by George Barris, the “King of the Customizers” captures top honors at the Oakland Roadster Show, copping America’s Most Beautiful Roadster Award, an accomplishment it repeated again in 1963. Only a small, select group of vehicle have ever been chosen for the prestigious AMBR award, much less won it twice, making the Ala Kart one of the most revered and influential custom cars ever created.
Fast forward to 2002 – Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Ala Kart, Performance West Group is proud to present the VOILA! KART. Inspired by the legendary Barris custom, the VOILA! KART is a modern interpretation of this timeless classic, and is based on the new environmentally friendly DaimlerChrysler GEM CAR.
The VOILA! KART is a classic example of the blending of the best of yesterday, the technology of today, and the opportunity to create exciting new trends for tomorrow.